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Raising System

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Ambor Structures’ raising systems give you the ability to raise and lower your wind monopole with ease, eliminating the need for costly truck and crane installations.


Ambor Structures’ monopole raising systems:

● Allow safe and easy ground turbine maintenance, without the need for dangerous climbing

● Protect your turbine from severe weather conditions with quick assembly and take-down

● Eliminate the need for heavy equipment or hydraulics

● Save you time and money with manual installation options


Conventional Gin Pole

This raising system attaches to the monopole base at a 90-degree angle. A cable attached to the Gin Pole end and monopole bracket is used to raise and lower the system. The Gin Pole is removed once the tower is upright and bolted to the foundation. This versatile raising system only requires the use of a hand-driven or motorized winch. A vehicle is optional.


Hydraulic Raising System

Ambor Structures offers small wind monopoles designed, engineered, and manufactured to integrate with your hydraulic ram specifications. Our small wind specialists will work with you to make recommendations on our hydraulic-based raising system options.


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